Why Should I Go To College?

With fierce competition from people vying for the same job placement, employers are looking more and more for candidates with a well-rounded profile. Be it job experience, extra-curricular activities or education, any edge to set you apart from competition is an additional help. Going to college is one way to get this edge.

Networking and meeting new people

College is a great place to meet new people. From your professors who can provide you with valuable reference letters to fellow classmates who can motivate you to do well in class, these people can help you move forward in your career. There might even be managers taking the same class who are looking to hire for their company.

Changing careers

While you may have spent a good portion of your life doing a particular job, if you want to move on and start working in a different environment, it is advantageous to obtain training for that particular field. People who obtain a college certification or degree have the advantage of knowing what to expect and will be prepated to start working in their chosen field.

Get a promotion

College education is particularly important for management roles. Not only does it show your employer that you’ve been educated in your field, but it also gives them a glimpse of your character – your determination to succeed and motivation to pursue and learn more about the business and industry.

Learning a specialization

In today’s globalized world, employers find it valuable for candidates to not only have experience in the business, but also expertise in a specialized field, where knowledge for that particular area is hard to come by. Pursuing a specialization in college is very useful in this case.

There are many reasons why you should attend college and even more abundant reasons as to why it can be beneficial. But the bottom line is – you have to figure out what your personal reasons are and how to best meet your goals. After all, college is not just a degree or a certification, it is a lifetime investment.

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