Where Should I Go To College?

When you’re making a life choice like what type of college to attend, what you want to do with your life and where should I go to college? You have a lot of questions.

The trend is to higher education. More than half high school graduates were headed for some form of post-secondary education, but not all of them were headed to traditional college. There are choices when you’re trying to figure out where to go to college.

Types of colleges generally include:

  • Community and junior colleges which offer two-year degrees and certificate programs.
  • Technical colleges which often focus on specific fields and may not offer academic classes.
  • Universities which usually house colleges with different focuses and degrees from associate to doctorate.

An associate’s degree from a two-year college can prepare you to work in a variety of jobs like administrative assistant, auto mechanic, cardiovascular technician, computer technician, graphic designer, or surgical technologist.

A bachelor’s degree from a four-year college can prepare you to work as an accountant, computer systems analyst, dietitian, editor, pharmacist, research assistant, or teacher.

Advanced degrees include professions like architect, biologist, doctor, economist, librarian, or zoologist.

Where Should I Go to College?

When deciding on a college, take into account:


  • What teaching style works for you?
  • What kind of curriculum do you need?
  • Is a general education better than focused for you?

Social networking:

  • What kind of groups and activities do you hope to find on campus?
  • What are the other students like?
  • What is the campus like?

Finally, make sure you consider cost. In a perfect world, anyone who wanted to go to college would be able to. In reality, you need to explore the costs of your choice and the options for financial aid before making the decision of which college is right for you.

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