What Is The Difference Between A College And A University

Earning a degree in the field that interests you can enable you to advance your career in a manner that you may have never thought possible. Of course once you reach the point of needing to decide which school to attend for your higher education, you might not quite know the difference between a college and a university. Here is an overview that should clear up any questions that you may have, which will hopefully assist you with making the right decision regarding where to enroll:

The similarities

It is very difficult to distinguish between a college and a university because there are several similarities that may lead to some confusion. One way in which they are similar is the fact that they both offer a variety of bachelor degree programs. Another manner in which colleges are similar to universities is that they can both be either privately or federally funded. Actual funding depends on the specific college or university.

The differences

One major difference between colleges and universities is that universities are actually a combination of various colleges on one campus. For instance, a university may offer a school of psychology, a school of business, a school of criminal justice, etc. On the other hand, a college is a stand-alone school that either offers only one type program to major in, like an engineering college, or a wide variety of different programs, such as a liberal arts college. Another difference between a college and a university is that in order to attain a graduate degree, attendance at a university generally necessary, as most colleges only offer 4-year degrees.

As you can see, it is easy to confuse a college with a university. However, there are many differences that can distinguish one from the other. Knowing the difference between the two can definitely assist you with your decision to choose the perfect school in which to earn the degree of your choice. However, it doesn’t really matter whether you choose to attend a college or a university, as you can earn a top quality education at either.

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