What Is A Community College?

There are many differences between a community college and other types of schools. A community college is a school that enables a person to earn a maximum of a two year degree, otherwise known as an Associate degree. Community colleges generally offer a wide range of different programs to major in, such as nursing, psychology, or accounting. Not everyone attending a community college is required to earn an Associate degree. Student can opt to earn a certificate in a specific program or transfer their credits to a four-year university.

Community colleges differ from other types of schools in additional ways as well. These two-year colleges are very different from universities, because universities offer advanced degree programs, enabling students to earn a Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate degree. Technical colleges offer training specifically in technical fields, for example computer technology or web design. While some community colleges do offer technical courses and programs, they don’t specialize strictly in technical programs since they offer a variety of different career possibilities and curriculum choices.

You have the ability to earn a very respectable education at a community college. Many students prefer community colleges for many different reasons, and one of the major reasons is because the cost is typically substantially cheaper than most universities. So, not only could you potentially earn a two-year degree in a high-paying field, but you could do so for much lower tuition costs.

So as you can see, community colleges can be a great way to earn a high quality education without the need to take out numerous student loans. You would have the option of continuing your education by attending a university after finishing at a community college, or you could start a new career with the certificate or degree that you earn at the community college of your choice.


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