How To Get Ready For College?

Getting ready for college involves time, researching and strategic planning. Sending out an application in the hopes of getting accepted is quick and easy, however, you want to be as intellectually, emotionally and financially prepared for this stage in your life as possible. If you’re a high school student thinking of going to college, preparation starts as early as your sophomore year. Below are some steps you can take to better prepare yourself for college:

Courses and Grades

Start taking challenging courses while you’re in high school. Admissions officers typically check the kinds of courses you take – the harder they are, the more impressed they get. Better yet, take college preparatory classes as these classes are designed to assist you in succeeding in college. Keep in mind that grades do matter, and the better prepared you are academically, the better equipped you will be in handling difficult courses later on.

Extracurricular Activities

Engage in sports, the arts, community service or other extracurricular activities. Colleges are interested in seeing students participate in activities other than school. It also gives them an idea of your maturity and responsibility when they see that you’ve been able to take on a part-time job or do volunteer work. Activities are also a way to explore what your other interests are. You may be thinking of preparing for college to take courses to be a teacher, but if you enjoy your afternoon arts and crafts session, that may give you the idea of becoming an art teacher.

Guidance Counselors

Meet with your guidance counselor and ask their for help in setting a schedule to ensure that you meet the requirements for your chosen college. A guidance counselor is also a great resource to help you start thinking about potential careers. It may seem like college is a ways away when you’re young, so brainstorming career ideas and how to prepare for it may seem premature. But the better idea you have of what you want to do with your college degree or certification, the better equipped you will be to arrive to your next destination.

Preparing for college can sometimes seem like an overwhelming process, but the hardwork will all be worthwhile. The better prepared you are now, the more you will be able to take advantage of everything college has to offer.

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