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Questions About College

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Which College Is Right For Me?

A college education opens more doors to more jobs to choose among. Statistics show jobs opening their doors to college grads with a bachelor's degree or higher are expected to increase. But not all colleges are the same, so which college is right for you?

Understanding Types of Colleges

More than half of high school graduates head to post secondary or college education, but that doesn't necessarily mean a four-year college. There's more than one type of college.
  • Community colleges are public two-year colleges that offer associate degrees and some certificate programs.
  • Technical colleges often focus on training in specific fields. Some offer academic courses, and they can be public or private. Not all technical colleges offer associate's degrees.
  • Junior colleges are two-year colleges and often private.
An associate's degree from a two-year college is similar to a general academic program at a four-year college. Two-year colleges often work closely with employers in the community, which can give students a leg-up in finding a job after graduation.

Four-Year Colleges and Universities

Four-year colleges offer bachelor's degrees. Universities include a number of colleges under their umbrellas, offering everything from an associate degree to a doctorate.

Which College is Right for Me?

When deciding on a college, keep in mind differences in level of education or degree. With a certificate in bookkeeping from a community college you could be a bookkeeper. A four-year degree in accounting might allow you to take CPA exams. If your ideal career requires a certificate or associate's degree, a two-year college could be the answer.